Monday, March 25, 2013

This Post Is Not About Lego

So, I'm finally getting off my butt and working on a game. Side note: Yes, the LDraw renderer is still in the works, but it's been beating me down lately, so it's going on a further back burner for a while.

Some info: it will be using Boxmen as the characters...for which I now have some good base meshes. (Stay tuned for more on Boxmen in a later post). The title of the game? "Boxmen: A Low-Poly Adventure." Genre? JRPG. The fact that I'm actually excited about it, and want to work on it after work means that I'll actually finish this project...even if it takes the next X months (X being any number larger than 3 >.>).

So that's all for now, back to texturing the lead character!

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