Friday, March 15, 2013

Of Simpler Times and Giant Robots

So, a new thread over at the hangar has proved rather interesting. User darksyntax has taken the C6 system and recreated two of the iconic MF0 frames, the Chub and Commisar. Seriously check it out!

I'll go on a bit to say that this thread, and the C6 system in general, is of particular interest to me as I have effectively forsworn all video game and Lego purchases for the rest of the year (Gasp!). Combine that with the fact that I've decided that my two latest XVM-17 frames are staying put together, and you get me looking for ways to build more with less. (Seriously, the XVM-17's are massively clip intensive.)

Here's the gallery for the C6 system. I'd show some images, but Micah's photos are not set up to let me do that.

So, for some eyecandy >.>

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